Solo Characters

Bobby Mac

Bobby Mac is the author of “Stop It; Do It: The 2-Step Guide to Personal Development.” Estranged from his wife and children, Scottish, angry, exponent of ‘tough love’, Bobby is a former addict himself who knows what it’s like to be a loser.

Ernest Pince

Ernest Pince is a practicing Buddhist who longs to be a stand-up comedian. Only when his Maharandhatra-based material bombs do we see the rage that lurks below his placid surface.

George St. Dragon

George St Dragon is a Guardian reader trapped in a BNP thug’s body. One side of his brain believes in racial purity; the other side in interracial harmony. Confusing, misguided, hardly ever offensive.

Tony Izzet

Tony Izzet drives around North East London saying what he sees. He has a childlike wonder o the world which doesn’t make him an idiot.

Celebrity Toilet

The BBC put Tony in the toilets to chat to The Hoff, Scott Mills and The Midnight Beast and Warwick Davies. To mention but four.

Mein Vayg

Found this on an obscure Soviet satellite channel. Pretty weird stuff. Thought you might like it.