Sketch Comedy

Enjoy some delightful work with other talented people.

Britain’s Best Mates

Created with Matthew Steer, Phil and Phill are best friends. They do everything together. Two young men who refuse to grow up, they are in love with each other but don’t know it. With Mathew Steer.

De Klein and Sterling

Conceptual artists, De Klein and Sterling, believe art belongs to everyone not artists – so they are happy to copy other people’s work and call it appropriation. They are also dicks. With Matthew Steer.

Krystal Chaos

Contact juggling or Sphere-Play. Call it what you will. If Cirque De Soleil hired incompetent performers these guys would rule Vegas. With Mathew Steer.

The Protégé

Lesley Girdle and his protege, Ross Kemp 9no relation) – a short film directed by Huse Monfaradi and starring Matthew Steer.

The Football Managers

Another Monfaradi, Steer, Glassman co production. Award winning, no less.

The Pep Talk

Ever get the feeling your friend isn’t really on your side?

The Survey

Market researchers. Lovely chaps. Best avoided though.

Friends Reunited

What do you do if you haven’t seen someone in 20 years and not done anything in the meantime? Make stuff up, that’s what.

The Now Brothers

Before De Klein and Sterling were The Now Brothers – making art they hoped no one would notice and would care about. Incredibly they succeeded.